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If you’re looking to inject additional sparkle, fun, and wow factor to your wedding, you can’t go wrong with a fireworks display! We spoke all things fireworks with the experts’s Wedding Fireworks, here’s what you need to know to help you plan yours.

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1. Check With Your Wedding Venue – It’s All Up to Them!

Your wedding venue ultimately has the final say in whether you can have wedding fireworks or not. The good news is that most wedding venues are OK with fireworks. However, many will require you to book a professional fireworks company to set them off!

If fireworks are a “must have” on your wedding wish list, make sure you ask about having a display when scoping out potential venues.


2. Be Aware of Time Restrictions

Aside from making sure fireworks are all good with your wedding venue, you’ll also need to follow the law. In the UK, you’re allowed to shoot fireworks between 7 am and 11 pm. Please make sure you follow these guidelines.

There are exceptions if you love fireworks so much that you want to party until later and have a unique wedding date! Your wedding fireworks can go on until midnight if you’re getting married on Bonfire Night. If your wedding takes place on New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year or Diwali, and then you can set off fireworks until 1 am.

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3. Can you go DIY?

While many wedding venues might require you to use a professional fireworks display group, it can sometimes be possible to take the DIY route. If you buy consumer fireworks, you don’t need a licence to set them off. You might, however, need to sort out insurance – something a fireworks company would already have taken care of. In fact, if you decide to use a professional fireworks company, you can usually just tell them when and where you’re getting married and they’ll take care of everything, including liaising directly with the venue!

If you are opt for a DIY display, take some time to learn the safety rules regarding setting off fireworks and ensuring the audience stays at a safe distance. A good place to ask advice is your fireworks retailer – they are always happy to help and offer tips on what makes a good show! Most will be able to provide you with a layout for your fireworks and a remote ignition kit to ensure you get exactly the display you want, too.


4. Be Courteous and Mindful

Fireworks are magnificent entertainment that most people enjoy. However, you can’t necessarily expect the neighbours to love your unannounced wedding display, especially if you’re getting married at a less “traditional” venue and the neighbours aren’t accustomed to a fireworks display every Saturday night during the summer. Always ask the wedding venue for advice on if and how to let any neighbouring properties know about your planned display in advance.

It’s also a good idea to inform the wedding guests to ensure people aren’t too surprised by the sudden bangs, children in particular do love fireworks but often the noise can get too much, although you can avoid this by opting for low noise fireworks.

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Best advice for couples?

While wedding fireworks displays are a great addition to your party, you don’t always have to opt for a big show to enjoy fireworks. Indoor fireworks and pyro – even just having sparklers! – are a way to add some firework magic to your wedding day in a unique and fun way! If your wedding venue doesn’t allow a full-blown fireworks display, these can be an option to keep in mind.

We hope these tips have armed you with some ideas and the inspiration to go ahead and plan your wedding fireworks display!

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