A-Z of Wedding Jargon: Your Ultimate Wedding Dictionary

When talking to London wedding planners or flipping through wedding magazines, you may stumble over unfamiliar terms because just like other industries, weddings come with a unique language. Here is a handy A-Z dictionary of some of the most common wedding planning words.

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Aisle Runner- A piece of cloth or carpet that forms an aisle where there is not naturally one. Useful for outdoor weddings and beach ceremonies to make it easy to walk down the aisle.

Banns- Most Church of England marriages require banns to be read out in church before the wedding can take place. Although a legal requirement, banns can be a special occasion too.

Corkage- Some venues will apply a charge for each bottle of wine they open if you buy your alcohol from a supplier other than them.

DAY – OF COORDINATION- Hiring us for Day of Coordination means you are able to enjoy every second of your wedding day while we manage and oversee all aspects for you. We can step in the month before your event to ensure everything is finalised and ready to go for your big day. Then, on the day of we’ll make sure all goes according to the timeline so you are able to relax and enjoy one of the best days of your life.

Emergency Kit- Our “emergency kit” is stocked with tools to fix everything from a torn dress to a nuclear explosion—sometimes wedding disasters can feel like the latter.

First Look- A “first look” is a photograph that captures the moment the couple see each other for the first time on their wedding day. Some couples do this in a private moment before their ceremony, while others prefer to wait until they walk down the aisle.

Ganache- A mixture of chocolate and cream which can be used to fill or coat a wedding cake. Delicious.

Head Table- A table where either the bridal party sits, or the immediate family of the bride and groom. Over the last few years I have seen some unique head table setups. Many brides want to avoid the long table look and opt for ‘out of the norm.’

Insurance- With many couples investing a significant amount in their big day, wedding insurance is a must-have.

Jack & Jill- Hen and stag nights are no longer single sex events, with brides and grooms inviting friends of both genders to celebrate with them.

Karat- is a unit to measure the purity of gold in a wedding or engagement ring. 24-karat is the purest used in jewellery. It can also be spelt “carat” (not to be confused with carat, which is a way of measuring the weight of gemstones).

Lapel Pin – A small, decorative pin worn on the lapel of a man’s suit jacket. Lapel pins are alternatives for floral boutonnieres.

Monogram- The combined first initials of the bride and groom into a logo that is then used to add a personal touch to wedding invites, dinner menus, favor tags, or seating charts.

Nupitals- A wedding or relating to a wedding.

Officiant- The person with the legal endowment to deliver the wedding ceremony. It may be a civil celebrant or a religious person such as a priest or rabbi.

Partical Planning- Are you enjoying the planning process so far but need a little direction? With this package, we act as a coach for your wedding planning process! We help you with so many imperative details and guide you by assisting in making the decisions that are right for you. We’ll be there to provide a boost in the creative department and help you stay on track.

Questions! (a bit of a cheat) but no question is silly when it comes to wedding planning, and a we will be happy to answer any wedding planning questions you have.

Rain Plan- Better known as “Plan B,” a rain plan is created just in case the weather is not in favor of an outdoor ceremony and/or reception.

Signature Cocktail-One or two drinks being offered at the bar that reflect what the bride and/or groom like to drink. Serving signature cocktails at a wedding adds a personalised touch for guests.

Tablescape- More than merely a centrepiece, a tablescape is created by giving thought to every item on the table so that it complements the others and enhances your wedding decor scheme.

Uplighting- Placing lights so they rest on the floor and project their beams upward.

Venue Walkthrough- A service where we can tour the venue with the couple to get a better understanding of what can be done with the space for their future ceremony and/or reception.

Wedding Party- Bridesmaids and groomsmen are collectively referred to as the wedding party.

Xtra Information- (ok, another cheat!) Details your guests may need in addition to what is on the invitation. This includes items like directions, planned activities if you’re having a destination wedding, pre-wedding get-togethers for out of town guests, and details of your wedding registry. This information should be sent separately to the invitation.

Your Day, Your Way- The most important thing for all your wedding planning ideas is to ensure that your celebration reflects you as a couple. Nail that and you’re onto a winner.

Zero tolerance- These are the things around which you will not compromise. It may be the date, or the venue, the dress or the budget. Whatever it is that you want to be fixed in stone should be organised first so that you can fill in the rest of your wedding around it.

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