URBAN Wedding Planner | I’m Engaged! Now What?

So… it’s finally happened! You’ve been expecting it for weeks, or maybe not. Nonetheless, you are over the moon with excited anticipation. Your very own Prince Charming has finally got down on one knee and popped the big question. Now that you have:

First Things To Do After Getting Engaged

  • Answered with a resounding, “yes!!!” and sealed it with a big kiss
  • Jumped up and down, shrieking in joy
  • Called your closest girlfriends (don’t forget mum and dad too!)
  • Recounted your proposal story to anyone who will listen…and a few you didn’t give option to 😉
  • And finally, stared at your ring for, ohhhh, the millionth time?

woman resting her hand on man's shoulder
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Your mind flutters to the endless list of unchecked tasks on your mental to-do list. Speaking of, you might want to start with writing some of those tasks down! However, when you start to compile your list, you find that this process is far more involved than you first thought. Venue, dress, caterer, cake, rentals, officiant, bridesmaids, oh and don’t forget to figure out where Grandma will sit! Before you call your mum in a tearful fit, entirely overwhelmed, try giving us a call first!

We are here entirely for you! Our job is to make sure your big day is as beautiful and stress-free as you’ve always imagined. Contact Perfectly Planned 4 You for a complimentary consultation and let us be a part of your special day!

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