Married in Morocco Series: Behind The Scenes VLOG of our Moroccan Wedding

Welcome back to our Married in Morocco Series! Last week, we told you everything you need to know about getting married in Morocco. Today, we have a Behind the Scenes Vlog of our recent Moroccan wedding, enjoy!

Wedding planned and coordinated by Perfectly Planned 4 You.
Vlog filmed on my iphone 11 Pro and edited on iMovie.

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There’s something special about getting married in a stunning destination, against a backdrop of mountains or in the sand someplace tropical. As gorgeous as these locales are, don’t forget the legwork that goes into planning a destination wedding. After all, there’s more to take into account than the venue itself (although that definitely holds a high spot on the list of priorities). The timing of your ceremony, the weather at the location, and guests’ availability to travel are all concerns every couple planning a destination wedding has to consider. But with a little know-how, you can plan a memorable getaway for you and your guests.

If you are stuck on working out a wedding budget and a savings plan, you can always book in an hourly consult with us to sit down and work this out together. We know what things can cost will depend on the destination and the style of wedding you are looking to have, we may be able to suggest ways to reduce costs and therefore offer alternatives.

If you feel like you may need more help, you can book a complimentary consultation to discuss your destination wedding in detail, click here.

Married in Morocco Series

This is part of a weekly blog series to help couples thinking of a destination wedding in Morocco. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for regular updates. In next week’s blog, we’ll share with you tips on how to create your Moroccan themed wedding here in London.

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