The Final Wedding Planning Month

Just after the bliss of the proposal, it can feel like there is a mountain of things to prepare. Weddings are complex and tricky occasions to plan, which is why so many of us choose to offload the responsibility to the best wedding planners.

The truth is, even as the clock runs down, your to-do list can still feel long and small details can easily be forgotten. The month before your wedding is likely to be a bit crazy with last minute tasks to get through. But don’t worry! Luckily, after years of planning weddings, we’ve thought of it all. Use the below list as your almost-forgotten to-do list!

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1. Confirmation Calls

During the chaos of planning your own wedding, it’s easy to leave emails unreplied to and details unconfirmed. In the weeks before the celebration, it’s vital that you call all the service providers you are relying on. From the florist to make-up professionals and photographers, make sure everyone has confirmed and there will be no nasty surprises when the day arrives.

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2. Organise a Gift Receiver

After a wonderful day and after one too many cocktails you are not likely to have gift organisation on your mind. Instead, get a member of the family to take responsibility for your gifts and store them for you. This will be even more urgent if you plan on going straight on your honeymoon that evening.

3. Research the Sunset

You may have never looked up when the sun will set in your life, so it’s something that can easily be forgotten when you’re planning a wedding. You need to know this information because those sunset backdrops to your wedding photos are going to look awesome!

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4. Food Allergies and Dietary Requirements

You may have already established that your venue can serve up meals for those with allergies or dietary requirements, but have you got around to getting the details? Make sure you know who needs what meal and how many are needed so you can tell the venue a few days before the wedding.

5. Brief the DJ

If you have a DJ booked, you have probably seen and heard them perform. They may have impressive skills but one of them is not mind reading. You need to write a do-not-play list for the DJ so they know the songs to stay clear of. Some barred songs will be from personal taste and others may just be songs that remind you of your ex. Also, make sure they know all the songs they should be playing to make your day go off with a bang!

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Take the Stress out of Planning Your Wedding!

Choosing to get professional help with your wedding can be one way of ensuring everything goes to plan and reduces your stress levels.

Perfectly Planned 4 You are dedicated London wedding planners in Hackney, offering bespoke wedding services to every couple. Our wedding services make sure the above tasks and all the other details are accounted for, leaving you to enjoy your wedding the right way!

If you would like help in the final lead up to your wedding day, shoot us an email at

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