How to make your Intimate Wedding Unique

Many couples do not want big weddings and are inspired to create a more intimate feel for their special day. However, smaller weddings do not mean less fun! To make your day a truly memorable event, why don’t you incorporate some of the following ideas to make the day unique.

Get An Exclusive Venue

One of the best ways to make your day stand out from the crowd is to hire a venue on an exclusive-use basis. This means that you and your guests can look forward to no interruptions or onlookers spoiling the day. There is a diverse range of venues that offer exclusive use, so take your time to find a place that reflects you as a couple; that way you can be sure that everyone will feel comfortable all day long.

Get Creative With Food Service

Many people who opt for an intimate wedding find seating plans difficult because there are fewer guests to share out across tables. The good news is that at a smaller wedding, you can be creative with how you sit down to eat! Consider one big table with stunning decorations, or a champagne picnic with large rugs and cushions. The perk of a smaller guest list is that you can enjoy eating and drinking with all your friends in one place.

Decorate With Luxury In Mind

The fewer the guest numbers, the bigger the budget per head! This means that you will be able to decorate your venue with a bit more extravagance and create the romantic backdrop that you have been dreaming of. Think about having a sea of candles or fairy lights along with fresh flowers and ornaments that define who you are as a couple – and then go for it!

Make A Weekend Of It (Or More)

If you are planning a small event, don’t get caught up in the belief that it has to be low-key and quiet. Why not arrange the event throughout a weekend with pre-wedding festivities to enjoy as your wedding party relaxes and gets into the swing of things. You could arrange a welcome dinner, followed by different activities that allow you to connect with your guests before the big event, leaving everyone with a host of beautiful memories from your time spent together.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP / Unsplash

No matter how big or small you decide you want your wedding to be, there is never any reason why you should not have a day to remember. If you are stuck for ideas or need some help with logistics, then why not consider using a wedding planner to help?

Our London wedding planner service is perfect for anyone wanting to arrange a memorable and intimate wedding; all you need to do is get in touch and arrange an online consultation and let us make your day as unique as you are.

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