Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will WOW your Wedding Guests

Every couple wants their wedding day to be remembered for being the best and most fun event, but to achieve this status, you will need to move away from the traditional offerings and try something new. Check out some of our ideas below!

Perform a Choreographed Dance

US couples have made this a popular choice, and performing a choreographed dance is sure to impress everyone, especially if you keep it a secret before the time arrives! Why not take a medley of songs that are special to you and your partner, and produce a dance that will wow your guests, leaving them talking for months after the event!

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Hire An Artist

If you want a unique take on your day and a talking point for your guests, then why not hire an artist to come and paint or draw the day as it unfolds. You could set up a station for them to work from that gives your guests a great view of what is being produced. Not only will this provide a great talking point, but you will end up with a series of original artworks that you can display in your home after the wedding.

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Upscale the Traditional Photobooth

Rather than going for a traditional photo booth, why not scale it up by creating a photo station for people to interact with. From Volkswagen camper van booths to personalised props that match the look and feel of your day, you can be sure to get incredible snaps of your loved ones having the best time. Do not forget to add the prints to your wedding album so that you can look back and remember the fun of your reception.

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Forget Magicians, Head To the Circus

Having a magician at your wedding was once considered a real luxury, but why not top this idea by inviting a circus act to the reception? From silks to swings, you can be sure that your guests will be stunned by the fantastic stunts these artists can perform, leaving everyone mesmerised by their talent.

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Fireworks Will Always Impress

Sometimes the best ideas are ones that have been around for ages and fireworks at the end of the evening is a classic touch that will impress your guests. This big finale will result in ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ that will fill you and your spouse with pride as you thank everyone for coming and begin the journey into married life.

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Let Us Do The Hard Work

If you want your wedding to be a roaring success, then why not let us do the wedding planning for you? We have a wide range of outstanding entertainment choices and will work with you to create the day that you have been dreaming of. Perfectly Planned 4 You weddings are a sight to behold and we want to make your day a day to remember.

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