How To Make Your Wedding Makeup Last All Day – from our Favourite Bridal Makeup Artists

From face masks and translucent powder to waterproof foundation and lip liner, we spoke to our favourite bridal makeup artists, who provided their top tips on how to ensure your make-up lasts all day.

Tasked with ensuring the bride and her party are relaxed, excited, and ready on time. Bridal makeup artists also need to know the best mascaras to withstand those ceremony tears, the foundations that stay put throughout the day and the lipsticks which last way past the first kiss.
Keep reading to discover how you can get your makeup to last long and the failsafe products our expert wedding makeup artists pick up time and time again.

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Good Skincare

My top tip for long lasting make up is to have a really good skincare routine, especially in the lead up to your wedding day. If your skin is nourished and hydrated your makeup will sit on your skin evenly and last all day long. Using a weekly masque will help to give your skin a boost. My favourite masque for all skin types is Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque.

Joyce Connor Makeup

Powdering before foundation

One of our favourite tips on making your bridal makeup last all day is powdering before your foundation. After applying your skin care and primer, use a beauty blender to press a very small amount of loose powder into the areas of your skin that would naturally get oily or where makeup tends to wear off quickly. This extra layer of powder works as a barrier which soaks up oil before it can break down your foundation. We especially love this technique on oiler skins and our favourite product for this is Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Powder.

Panda Makeup

Serum and Moisturiser

For me the ultimate tip to long lasting bridal makeup is skincare & prep.
Prepping your makeup correctly is KEY to getting the longevity you want from your makeup. I always prep my brides’ skin with a serum and moisturiser that is compatible to my client’s skin type. For oily/ combo skins I use the Charlotte Magic Cream Light formula, and for the drier skin types the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face base is my ultimate go to product.
I always finish skin prep with the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer, this product perfects the final step and creates a seamless canvas for your makeup. Not only does it have the power to prevent your makeup from budging it also ensures your makeup is water resistant, ideal for preventing a teary moment on your wedding day.

Jessica Hawkins Makeup

Don’t forget your trial

The trial is an essential step in creating the look, and it helps me and you see, in advance, what we want to achieve for your big day. Personally, I ask my brides for detailed feedback to know how it felt or changed during the day/night, so after we have full confidence to do the right thing and make you look your best for your big day!

For fuller coverage I love to work with MAC’s Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation which comes with a great scale of colours, also looks very natural still on the skin’s surface. For a sheer coverage, I like to mix MAC’s Face & Body Foundation with a hint of a Pro Longwear Concealer. Both of the above are waterproof solutions and their lasting power is quite impressive, even when applied on their own.

Szilvia Balog

Water water water

They say you are what you eat… and sorry to say it ladies but this is TRUE! Drinking three/four liters of water a day, and keeping a alchol free month before is essential for that flawless glowy skin look! Skin prep is also a biggie, and DO NOT Do anything you’ve never done before 6 months before your big day… believe it or not I’ve had a woman postpone her wedding because she had some dodgey botox done two weeks before her big day….TWO WEEKS! No new facials, eyebrow treatments, cosmetic surgery or fillers, hair colour, eye patches, just stick to what you know for 6 months before!

Product wise, on your big day, if your artist has done it perfectly, your face wont budge. Your lips however will, naturally. So keeping hold of a lip liner and gloss/lipstick is essential for keeping that fresh look all day long. Getting married in the summer naturally means we might get a little bit of the old sweaty uppa lip…but do not stress, a little bit of powder will do the trick to ensuring you look glowy, not sweaty!! My top favorite bridal products are Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk Lip liner and her Airbursh flawless finish powder!

ABK Makeup

Waterproof mascara is the best option

The waterproof products will help with the longevity of the makeup and guard against the emotional love filled tears and general sweat and humidity. I tend to focus the waterproof products around the eye area. My go to waterproof products for the eye areas are:

  1. Bobbi brown Long-Wear Gel Liner is a gel based liner which lasts longer than eye pencils and gives 8 hours of wear but using a black powder on top on the gel makes it last even longer. It is also smooth and easy to apply. Great for a beautiful sleek wing.
  2. Maybelline Colossal Waterproof Mascara Black – waterproof mascara is a must regardless if you are you feel like you may not shed a tear or two. I love this mascara as it plumps the lashes giving it amazing volume to achieve a great dramatic look without false lashes.
  3. Juvia’s Place I am magic concealer – A waterproof concealer is just as important as waterproof mascara. My favorite go to concealer is Juvia Place Liquid Concealer. It is perfect because it is, sweat-proof, waterproof, and weightless. It is a full coverage concealer and it has an amazing wide range of shade for all complexions.

Using these 3 products together will ensure a long lasting eye make on your special day.

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