Bucket List of Things to Do While Engaged

Planning a wedding can put stress on any relationship – from the pressure of agreeing to (and sticking to) a budget, to the share of labour when it comes to planning and delivering your big day.

You and your partner may also have differing views on the theme, location, overall vision and delivery of your wedding – so it is important at this time of big and sometimes contentious decisions to remain united. One way to achieve this is to create a bucket list of things to do together before getting married to remind you of shared hobbies, passions and dreams and to keep you both excited for your future of adventures together.

Places I want to go... a travel planning bucket list!
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Take a cookery class together

You and your partner can both enjoy the results of learning a useful skill such as cookery. If you are looking to refine your basic skills for the future, doing this together will ensure that you are both capable of cooking for one another which is both convenient and romantic. For those who are already skilled in the kitchen, why not learn a new cuisine or more elaborate dish to expand your culinary repertoire and impress one another with your skills.

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Learn to dance

One thing a lot of people worry about on their big day is being the centre of attention – you don’t need to choreograph an elaborate first dance but taking some dancing lessons together may help to ease your nerves when it comes to the main event and limit any stumbles and crushed toes on the dancefloor. Even if you choose to learn a different style of dance, the opportunity to be close to one another while dancing is sure to spark romance.

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Go on an adventure

Where to go on your honeymoon may be a big debate, but why not find somewhere a little closer to home for a weekend away? Explore beaches along the Jurassic coast, go skiing in Scotland, climb hills in the Lake District – there are many staycation adventures for you to trigger your shared wanderlust and spend quality uninterrupted time together – it may even help you to agree on your honeymoon destination.

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Give back together

Understanding one another’s principles and values is an important part of any relationship. Sharing the causes that mean most to you with your partner will help you to understand one another better, and through volunteering you can both show you care about each other’s beliefs while supporting a good cause.

Try something new

Ensure that your relationship always stays fresh and interesting by introducing new hobbies and interests into your lives on an ongoing basis – starting with your engagement. Trying something new together is a fun way of bonding – even if you are no good at pottery, reenacting the famous scene from Ghost at the pottery wheel can still bring you closer together through shared laughter.

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Get the adrenalin flowing

Supporting each other through stressful and scary situations is an excellent skill to learn, even if it’s just on a Go Ape treetop adventure to begin with. Taking the opportunity to experience exciting and scary things together will help you to understand how to support one another in your relationship moving forward – and of course you get the thrill of an adrenalin kick while you’re at it.

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