How to Elope in London

If you are considering packing your bags and heading to London to elope, then you will need some ideas on how to do it successfully. Here at Perfectly Planned 4 You, we have been helping couples with wedding planning for many years. With lots of experience in elopement, we are here to show you what you need to consider so that you arrange a day that is both authentic and true to who you are and what you want.

Find Out What London Has to Offer

The first part of any elopement plan is to find the location that suits what you are trying to achieve. While London may be a large, bustling capital city, there are many intimate venues to choose from. Whether you want something traditional or modern, romantic or glamorous, then London is sure to have it in abundance.

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Check Out Perfect Elopement Venues

There are many venues that cater for elopement styled weddings, and you don’t always need to travel to the capital to look at them! Bigger venues like Kew Gardens and The Gherkin have an abundance of pictures on their website for you to look at from the comfort of your own home. If you wanted to find a less well-known venue, then you could also hire a London wedding planner who could source a range of options and send you videos and photos to help you decide.

London skyline, its skyscrapers, buildings, bridges and the Thames River.
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Have Your Budget in Mind

Many couples see eloping as a way to save money, and if you keep your budget in mind when you are making your plans, then you are likely to keep your bank manager happy. Often, wedding planners will be able to get significant discounts when planning weddings, and we are very experienced at making the most of your budget.

Make Sure You Adhere to the Legal Requirements

As with any wedding, there is a range of legal requirements that you need to adhere to, and it is wise to seek advice from the relevant officials before setting off. For example, if you are travelling to Britain for your elopement, then you will need to arrange the right visas to get married. All couples will also need to give notice at the registry office in the area you are getting married in at least 29 days before the ceremony takes place.

If you want some help to arrange the perfect elopement or need some help to understand the legalities surrounding your elopement, then get in touch with us. We are specialists in creative wedding planning for couples who are looking to travel to London for their big day and will help you to arrange every aspect of your elopement.

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