How to choose your Perfect Spring Wedding Venue

A spring wedding calls for an outdoor affair in a perfect location that captures the beauty of the season. However, some couples may opt for an indoor venue. Whether outdoor or indoor, finding the perfect spring wedding venue should be a top priority for every couple.
Here are our 5 top tips to consider when finding the ideal spring wedding venue.

1. Set your Criteria

Establish the essential items that you need on your wedding venue, list them down, and shortlist the places accordingly. It could be a venue that exclusively provides everything from picturesque background with lovely flowers to catering services. Making a list of requirements before visiting any place will enable you to narrow down to the best options. Also, keep track of each venue’s cons and pros.

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2. Consider your Wedding Team

Your chosen venue should be versatile and flexible. The venue should be happy to accommodate your personal needs and ideas and provide the necessary solutions to handle any complications on the big day. It’s advisable to find knowledgeable and helpful staff at the venue who will work closely with your wedding team to give you a memorable wedding. Talk to your wedding planner about your chosen themes and visions and see if they will work in the space, and let them advise you on the layout.

3. Think about your Budget

Know how much your venue design and concept will cost to execute. Break down the overall budget and identify how much to spend on the venue and vendors. You may opt for a full-package by working with the venue’s wedding planner to maximize on the cost. Having a good rapport with the venue planner is essential for accessing discounts and value packages.

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4. Consider your Personality

Find a venue that reflects your dreams, vision and style. The venue should give flexibility to your unique personal and special touches. You may opt for a blank canvas wedding venue you can make your own, or an outdoor venue by a woodland, a beach for water lovers, a contemporary space with floral background or a stately home with greenery spaces. Let the venue reflect your personality.

5. Opt for a place with Outdoor and Indoor flexibility

Most couples plan for spring weddings due to the ideal weather; medium warmer days and chillier nights. Opt for a place that provides flexibility and an assortment of outside and inside spaces. For an outdoor area, it should capture the beauty of the day while allowing the guests to enjoy the lush landscape, fresh air and picturesque backdrops. The indoor space should blend well with your outdoor decor to accommodate guests during the evening dinner or unpredictable weather.

Your spring venue should capture the springtime while combining your theme and personal tastes to make your big day magical. Find a venue that brings out the beauty for you and your partner, while keeping the day exquisite and memorable for all.

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