5 Stunning Ways to Style Your Wedding Tables

A tablescape is usually where all of the colours of the wedding come together into one beautiful design. From muted palettes of rose gold, blush, and tan to dramatic palettes of navy, silver and black. Décor has the power to set the tone for your entire wedding, but centerpieces are just one part of the equation. Use this rundown to help you figure out exactly what you need to style your wedding tables.

1. Don’t be afraid of Colour!

We’re so over the strict two colour palette rule. Many gorgeous weddings have a variety of colours—sometimes up to five—that work together. For instance, try a summery theme inspired by the many shades of hydrangeas, including sapphire and sky blue paired with white and gray, finished off with a few pops of sunny yellow to make it feel light and bright.

2. Use Greenery

Choosing greenery as your table runner or centerpieces is a great decor option that can be dressed up or dressed down. Greenery is so versatile and can be easy to work with too! The simplicity and versatility of greenery runners can be the perfect arrangement for any type of wedding.

3. Create layers

Using layers throughout your wedding table styling is one of the best tips we can give you! Layers help to give your table settings depth and detail – without them, your table settings may look flat or one-dimensional.

Think of your table as a blank canvas “base”, and build on this by layering different textures, materials and decor. Elements like candle sticks, napkins, statement glassware and stationery work beautifully for a layered tablescape. Depending on your wedding ‘theme’, your layers can include everything from fresh fruits to candles, herbs or plants.

4. Hanging arrangement

Hanging flowers at weddings always get us excited! Hanging Floral centerpieces add instant drama, make a massive impact visually and add the wow factor to your tables. So different from the usual table arrangement or centerpiece ideas, this trend of hanging fresh floral and foliage installations, garlands, and chandeliers is the stuff our wedding dreams are made of.

5. Play with texture

Just like in fashion, mixing linen patterns and textures can really enhance your wedding’s design. Start with a bold (dominant) pattern to define your palette. From there, choose a smaller-scale (subdominant) pattern with the same colours. Finally, pull in a neutral solid to allow for a visual rest. The same goes for textured linens, too. Mixing two different textures together can add depth and dimension to a room.

Having great table decor your wedding is going to play a role in making it absolutely unforgettable. Have fun with it! Personalise it exactly how you like and let it be a reflection of your style. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did! For more details on wedding table decor, be sure to reach out! We have more tips and can’t wait to share more hello@perfectlyplanned4you.com

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