Everything You Should Consider for Your Save the Dates

If you are just engaged, you will be feeling incredibly excited and ready to tell anyone and everyone about your upcoming wedding! Many couples use Save the Dates as a simple and effective way to let the people they care about know about the date of their big day. However, before you send out your Save the Dates, take a moment to consider the following things.

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The Best Time To Send Your Save the Dates

If your wedding day isn’t happening within the next six months, then you should wait to send out your Save the Dates. The optimum time to post is six months before the day arrives, as this gives all your guests enough notice to put it in their diary and arrange everything they need. If you leave it later than this, you may find that not everyone is available. On the other hand, if you send them out too early, people may forget!

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Who Do You Send Save the Dates To?

Who you send your Save the Dates to is simple; every one that you want to have at your big day! It’s a good idea to make it clear who is invited when you send them out so that you don’t end up with unexpected guests or people who don’t come as they weren’t sure if it included them. If you are not including children in your day, then it is also essential that this is clear so that people with children have time to arrange childcare well in advance.

What Do We Need To Tell Our Guests?

While a Save the Date is not an official invite, it does need to share some specific details about the wedding so that everyone can be fully prepared. Make sure that you add the following information to help your guests:
• You and your partner’s names
• The date of your wedding
• The location of your wedding
• A link to your wedding site if you have one
• An expected timeframe in which they can expect their formal invite

This information will not only help your guests to get excited about the day, but also get some ideas of what is expected of them when they attend.

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Support With Your Wedding Planning

Save the Dates are the first step in letting everyone know about your nuptials, but the planning that needs to happen first is enormous! Many couples use a wedding planner to help them organise their day, and with different packages of support available, you can get precisely what you need, when you need it.

Here at Perfectly Planned 4 You, we work with couples who want to create a stylish wedding that is unique to them. If you would like some support to organise your big day then get in touch; we would love to support you in making your day special.

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