Don’t Let Covid-19 Stop You Planning

As a wedding planner in London, I have spoken to many couples recently and the question that comes up time and time again is, “I’m getting married in 2021. Should I continue planning my wedding?”

Yes, you should absolutely continue to plan your wedding. Turns out there are lots of simple wedding planning tasks you can do while cosied up under a blanket, sipping a glass of wine/tea/beverage of choice, and watching your favorite show. Of course, we still recommend taking real breaks every once in a while, but it’s nice to tackle your checklist in a low-key way. Every Wednesday on our Instagram, we will be releasing USEFUL wedding tips and advice you can do while at home.

Book your Wedding Date

Between couples who had to postpone their weddings and couples currently planning their weddings, the overlap of availability will be unavoidable when weddings and events resume. I believe we will see an overloaded calendar from your favorite venues.

We’re not saying you need to put a deposit down tomorrow! But laying the foundation of research so you can be ready to visit in person and sign the dotted line once the timing is right will be a game changer!

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Get Inspired

One of the first things you’ll do to plan your big day is choose a décor style and color scheme. Will you wedding be rustic, glam, modern, classic, or something else? Once you’ve decided on a wedding style, you can browse the Pinterest and Instagram, saving photos that will inspire you and your suppliers to create a wedding that feels personal and unique. Browsing and saving photos on Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding sites is a simple wedding planning task that can be easily completed while cosy on your sofa.
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Hire a Wedding Planner

Fingers crossed that you won’t have to experience anything like the coronavirus, but a wedding planner is also your crisis limiter leading up to and during your wedding. Speak to many different planners, you want to see who is available and make an informed decision right for you and your partner. Make sure the spark is there, you’re going to be working very closely with this planner, possible over a long period of time. You’ve got to get on with them, and want to see and speak with them often!

At Perfectly Planned 4 You we plan stylish and creative weddings, and for us it is always about making the couple relaxed and happy. We want to get to know you and build a relationship, as then we can really get an idea of what your perfect wedding looks like and create it for you. Plus it makes the entire planning process so much fun!

Hire your wedding day dream team

Hiring wedding suppliers is an essential step—these are the people who will turn your vision into reality. As you might have noticed, most wedding shows have being canceled, leaving couples with fewer resources to meet and connect with suppliers. Take your time. Do some online research.

One of the best ways to learn more about wedding suppliers is by reading reviews from recently-married couples who used their services. After you’ve spent countless hours researching suppliers, setup a call with them, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and Google hangout are all great tools for this. It’s essential that you develop a good rapport with your pros, and these wedding meetings will help you decide if your personalities mesh well.

Wedding Insurance

You never know what is going to happen, and it’s always best to be prepared for that “just in case” situation that no one actually wants to think about. A good policy will protect your wedding ceremony and reception. Many top providers offer different levels of cover as packages. Some policies cover from up to 2 years in advance and with varying levels of cover available to suit your needs and your budget, wedding insurance is a sensible precaution.

With several insurers stopping selling new policies, if you are looking for wedding cover you now have much less choice. If you’re looking for a policy, a good starting point to offer a comparison is

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Now that you’ve got the rundown of why it’s important to continue with planning your 2021 wedding, please email We’d love to consult you on your wedding day needs.

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