7 tips for Newly-Engaged Couples

So, you’re newly engaged? Congratulations! This is a wonderful time; many couples choose to have an engagement photoshoot to mark the occasion.

Once you’ve finished celebrating your attention will inevitably turn to your wedding – gulp! It may seem as if there’s a lot to think about but these seven top tips will help you succeed.

I took this picture of my friends who got engaged this past February, on a freezing Canadian winter, in Edmonton, Alberta. The sun set the stage beautifully to this couples snuggled up in jackets and sweaters, perfect winter engagement.
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1. You don’t need to dive right in

Now that you’re engaged you might find there’s a lot of people asking when you’re going to get married, and all kinds of other questions. While it’s understandable that they’ll be interested in hearing about your plans, don’t feel under any pressure to rush right in.

There’s plenty of time to organise your wedding, so if you don’t feel ready to get started right away, that’s fine! Why not take a little time to savour your engagement and move on to planning your wedding when the time is right?

2. Don’t make any assumptions

If you’ve always imagined your wedding was going to be a certain way, you may automatically assume that your partner will agree. However, that’s a recipe for disaster, as your partner may be thinking exactly the same thing about a completely different type of wedding!

It’s important that you don’t assume you’ll be able to make all the decisions. Communication is key to make sure you end up with a wedding that you’re both happy with.

With Your Friends
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3. Decide on the big things at the start…

There’s so much to think about, it’s easy to get caught up in the details before you’ve decided on the big things. This means that if things don’t go quite to plan, you’ll end up having to re-do all your planning.

It’s a good idea to agree upon the big things first such as how many people to invite, the type of venue you want and your budget. Once you’ve got the basics straight, you can refine the details.

4. …but be prepared to be flexible

Until you try and plan a wedding, it’s hard to conceive just how difficult it is to get every little thing you want. If you’re very rigid over the venue you want and a precise date, you could end up disappointed.

Although it’s important to have a loose idea what you want, you’ll need to have some flexibility too. That doesn’t mean compromising on the parts which are really important, but identifying any areas which don’t matter quite as much (such as the date).

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5. Get a wedding planner involved early

Wedding planning services are highly recommended even if you’re only having a micro wedding. With access to the best deals and expert information, a wedding planner can make the process much easier – and save you money too.

Get your wedding planner involved as early as possible and then you’ll reap maximum benefits from their expertise.

You can checkout our services here, or go straight to booking your free consultation with us.

6. Be careful about sharing too much on social media

As your wedding plans start to firm up, you’ll be excited to share your news with family and friends. However, be selective about what you reveal through channels such as social media unless you want a barrage of “helpful advice”. Your wedding is your special day, but the decisions you make might not please everyone. Communicating your ideas too soon leaves you open to others trying to persuade you to change your mind.

7. Planning doesn’t have to consume all your time

Of course planning a wedding takes a lot of mental energy and time, but don’t forget to lead your life too. A wedding planner can help to ease some of the burden, leaving you free to continue to enjoy each other’s company and your engagement!

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