5 Ways to Transform Your Wedding With Lighting

If you are looking for modern ways to transform the way your wedding venue looks then lighting may be the best choice. It is affordable and comes in a range of varieties so that you can create the mood that suits your wedding. Check out our top 5 lighting picks that you can incorporate into your day, making it extra magical.

Fairy Lights

If you want a soft romantic hue for your stylish wedding, then fairy lights may be a perfect choice. You can get them as an add-on to larger lighting options or choose to swathe the entire venue in twinkling lights to create an ethereal feel. The great thing about fairy lights is that they come in a huge range of colour choices and styles so that you can create the wedding you have been dreaming of.

An old barn where my niece got married, where rustic meets modern
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If you are trying to create a feeling of drama or want to accentuate specific parts of your venue, such as an arch way, then uplighting may be a great choice. With a range of lighting sizes and colours, you can decide where you want to draw the attention of your guests and use uplighting to create the stage for your dream wedding.

Suspended Lights

When it comes to demarking sections of your wedding venue such as your dance floor, top table, or stage, then suspended lights can be an effective and dramatic choice. There is a range of options, and you can even personalise the lights right down to the type of light covers that go over each bulb, making it the focal point for your guests.

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Backdrop Lighting

Backdrop lighting has become more and more popular over the past few years with couples using it to highlight the top table, entrance area and dance floor in the venue. Backdrops come in a huge range of options so that you can create a scene that matches your wedding theme. When lit, a backdrop provides a truly romantic feel and doubles as the perfect photography background.

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If you are going for an outdoor venue or want to create more of a laid back vibe, then hanging lanterns around your venue will help to set the tone perfectly. Lanterns do not need to be expensive, and you can often get them second hand. Lanterns not only provide a talking point, but they emit a romantic glow that will bring warmth to your day and look great with floral arrangements.

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