5 Ways to Have a Meaningful Ceremony

A wedding is about the joining of two people and their commitment to spending their life together, and it is important to plan a day that reflects the significance of this. Finding ways to make your day extra special and meaningful will give you memories to reflect on for the rest of your lives together. Check out some ways you can do this without too much stress!

Unplug your Ceremony

You have found the perfect photographer and you don’t want arms, phones, ipads and other devices obstructing the awesome photos they’ll be taking! Instead of taking their own photos and videos, and watching the ceremony from behind their screens, how about asking them to unplug and be present in the moment.

Choose Wedding Music With Meaning

Opting for the traditional wedding march is not your only choice when it comes to music, and you can make your day more meaningful by opting for tunes that reflect who you are as a couple. Whether it is a style of music you love or specific songs that hold precious memories, having them playing on your big day will make it more memorable for you as a couple.

Pen Your Own Vows

Nothing says meaningful more than penning your own vows. Taking the time to write exactly what you are offering your partner as you make the ultimate commitment will not only seal the union legally but will also provide a perspective into how you really feel about them. Let it come from the heart and focus purely on what you want your partner to hear, a beautiful, verbal commitment to your relationship.

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Involve Your Loved Ones

While your day is about you as a couple, involving your nearest and dearest will only help to make it more special. From songs to readings and bridesmaids to ushers, there are many roles that you can ask people to take. Seeing those that you both love involved in your big day is sure to make it even more meaningful then you could have imagined.

Decorate With Memories in Mind

Your grand entrance down the aisle is one of the most special (and most photographed) moments during your wedding ceremony. Using your decorations to create memories is also a great way to add a meaningful layer to your day. Opt for flowers that have meaning. Flowers that are named after your partner or types that you have received over the years all help to create a scene that is all about your love.

If you want some help to arrange the perfect day or a consultation with a London wedding planner to discuss ideas then Perfectly Planned 4 You is here. We will work with you to create the day of your dreams, making meaningful memories that you can treasure for an eternity together.

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