5 Modern Wedding Cake Trends Worth Remembering

When it comes to wedding planning and choosing your wedding cake, you are sure to want something that looks and tastes great as well as showing off a design feature that you love. Gone are the days where couples choose a 3-tier white wedding cake; instead, why not choose one of these five modern cake trends for your big day.

Small and Sustainable

With intimate gatherings on the rise, there’s no need for couples to invest in large, multi-tier confections. Instead, they’ll opt for small cutting cakes of one or two tiers. Having a small cake still allows for a traditional cake cutting moment, which many couples feel strongly about having. Or, for a more economical dessert option, couples can offer pre-wrapped desserts, which are COVID-safe and budget-friendly.

Embossed Art Adds Elegance

If you are looking for an understated, yet stylish wedding, then opting for a modern bas-relief cake is a great idea. This method uses embossing and carving techniques to create a design that is unique to your day. You could opt for your favourite motif, a flower or leaf shape, or even have a special verse displayed on the cake itself. These designs look particularly effective when they accentuate the design with fresh flowers cascading over the sides.

Golden Hues Add A Touch Of Luxury

Creative wedding planning does not always mean finding a cake that is over the top! A muted option is becoming more popular with couples choosing smaller, standard cakes, but opting for different icing themes. Dark colours, marbled effects and even watercolours are all making an appearance. Still, we feel that cakes that then use golden accents or foil on top of the decorating are elevating the art form to the next level of sophistication.

Paper Art That Sets Your Cake Apart

An ultra-modern concept in the wedding cake world is using rice paper to create artistic effects. This design involves taking a standard-shaped cake and then creating undulating waves of rice paper that can be coloured to match your theme, adding that design flair that gets guests talking. Many cake designers use rice paper to add an accent, but we have also seen cakes that dive right in and create waves and folds that result in a truly unique piece of cake art.

Abstract Art Meets Cake

With more couples looking to make a statement, geo-print and geo-shaped wedding cakes are on the rise. Geometric shapes have become increasingly popular in modern design, and the tall cakes and block shapes are combined to add interest and depth to wedding cakes, producing an abstract cake that will remain in the memories of your guests for years to come.

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