5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wedding Confetti & Where to Buy Them

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good wedding day confetti toss send off! They’re exciting and make for great memories and even more amazing photos. However, many locations don’t allow regular confetti to be used because it is a hassle to cleanup and bad for the environment.

Choosing the wrong confetti can have a major negative impact on the environment, so here are 5 things to consider before making a confetti choice for your big day.

1. Bubbles

Who can resist the fun of blowing bubbles! Bubbles are a fabulous alternative to confetti as they look beautiful, both at the time and in wedding photos, and they don’t make the same mess than confetti, rice, or rose petals might make. They are also ideal for getting guests actively involved in your celebrations.

Where to shop:
The Entertainer

2. Dried Flowers

When it comes to eco-friendly confetti, the closer you can get to natural materials, the better. If it’s something you would already find in nature, there’s less of a chance it will hurt the environment. Things like flowers, seeds, and herbs are my favorites to use. And dried flowers smell freaking amazing!

Where to shop:
Adam Apple

3. DIY eco-friendly confetti

Enjoy a walk outside and collect leaves. Be sure to bring your children along. Then, simply hole punch the leaves and tip the cut pieces into your test tube or container.
To get a similar look to our confetti, collect mostly red leaves and a few yellow ones too. Collect light green leaves for the mini hearts. Really, you could choose any colours and it would end up stunning though.

4. Petals

The tradition originated in Italy, where small sweets were often thrown at carnivals. ‘Confetti’ in Italian refers to sugar-coated almonds, which are often given as favours to wedding guests. You can ask your florist for basketfuls of petal confetti. Most can supply it and in colours to coordinate with your bouquet and you’re pretty much guaranteed stunning wedding exit photos!

Where to shop:
Confetti Direct

Celebrating Mr. & Mrs.
Photo by Chris Dickens / Unsplash

5. Glow Sticks

A glow stick wedding send-off is a unique way to end the night especially if you are doing your send-off at the end of your reception. You can pass out both glow sticks as well as glow bracelets and necklaces to make the send-off even more festive. Plus, if you are having an after-party the glow sticks will be a perfect addition to the night.

Where to shop:
Glow Stix

Why not break free from tradition and throw other items or opt-out of having your guests throw something altogether and choose an alternative send-off. Choose what fits your wedding theme and décor.

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