Will Brexit affect my UK Wedding?

We recently did a post for those of you hoping for a destination wedding outside of the UK and how Brexit could potentially affect your plans. But there are still many couples wondering how or if Brexit have an impact on your wedding plans right here at home.

Destination weddings have been on the increase despite the falling strength of the pound making them more expensive. But if Brexit tightens the purse strings of the British public further, more couples may decide to stay at home and get married in the UK – either because their own budget is restricted, or perhaps it is more difficult for their friends and family to be able to afford to join them for their big day.

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The biggest challenge is knowing how Brexit will impact costs, especially with vendors who use supplies and products from outside the UK, but we spoke to Jodie from Boutique Blooms about how Brexit will affect UK florists to get a better understanding:

“As with all aspects of Brexit, the uncertainty of whether it will affect flowers is just the same. Ultimately the main suppliers in Europe who provide flowers to us here in the UK are most certainly not going to stop trading with us but it may mean a small spike in prices. Until this actually happens we are all still in the dark as to when it might be and by how much. There may also be some teething problems with getting the flowers across the borders to us…this can result in frustrating delays that have a knock-on effect with the flowers arriving to us with what are often already tight deadlines. This is why I always work with trusted wholesale suppliers as they go above and beyond to get things to us and pre-plan for potential hold ups like this where they can. I would say a way for wedding clients to avoid any unexpected costs with their flowers (and what I am saying to my own wedding clients) for next year and beyond is that if they allow me as their floral designer full creative license and a little more flexibility with the designs they choose, then this will allow for more savvy market shopping to get the best prices without compromising on the agreed styles that I deliver for them.”

Thnak you Jodie, I couldn’t agree more! None of us can say EXACTLY how Brexit will affect costs and supplies, but when you hire professional, reputable planners and suppliers, you can rest assured that we will get the job done beautifully for you at the best price possible. Connect with me for more information about how we can give you the wedding of your dreams!

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