Why Every Bride Should Have a Wedding Website

My phone is always in my hand, if I’m not scrolling through Instagram, I’m shopping online or reading a wedding blog and I’m not the only one! The average Briton now checks a mobile phone every 12 minutes and is online for 24 hours a week. Bearing that in mind, if you’re getting married and haven’t made a wedding website yet, you should. It’s hands down the easiest way to share need-to-know info with your guests in one, convenient (and pretty) place. Not to mention it’s fun, insanely easy to make one and very cheap to do. Still need more persuading? Read below our 4 reasons why you should have a wedding website.

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1. Showcase Your Wedding Theme

Wedding planning gives a creative outlet to portray your style and personality. Putting together a wedding website is fun way to piece together your theme and coordinating colours. Not only is it fun for you, it helps your wedding guests know what style and level of formality to expect. Plus, putting together your website will give you inspiration for designing save the dates and invitations to match!

2. Tell Your Story

Some of your family and friends may not have heard from you in a while, or maybe you have lost touch over the years. To reconnect, they can visit your site and read about how you and your other half met. Everyone loves a good love story. You can even include information about your passions, careers, and next steps after marriage. Your guests will love hearing from you!

3. Inform Your Guests

You already know that everything is online these days. For convenience, your guests can easily hop on their phones to RSVP, reserve lodging, find your registry, ask questions, and find your dress code (if you have one). Any information they might need is right at their fingertips!

4. Save Money, Save The Planet

Not only do paper invites cost money, but it costs the paper you need for your entire guest list. With a wedding website, not only can you save money, you can save all that paper waste also. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

While exhibiting at Most Curious Wedding Showthis year, I met the lovely Mell from Gettin’ Hitched Rocks, which specialises in making awesome, personalised wedding websites – they make creating beautiful websites so easy and so clever. Go check them out!

Happy wedding planning!

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