Why Choose a Dry Hire Venue for Your London Wedding

A quick scroll through the best wedding blogs and you will find countless topics and discussions. Yet, despite the diversity of blogs to read, one word pops up more often that others – and that word is unique.

Most couples want a unique wedding and they want to be able to add their own stamp to the occasion. A way of doing this well is by using a dry hire wedding venue. Read on to learn what a dry hire wedding venue is, why you should consider one in London and more.

What Is a Dry Hire Venue?

If you’ve already been window shopping for wedding venues, you’ll have noticed that many venues offer their premises with catering, furnishings and more. A dry hire venue is the opposite of this. Couples and wedding planners can book a dry hire venue, which means they only book the venue and no extras.

Another name for this type of booking is a blank canvas wedding because all the details are left to you. Dry hire venue is a term used outside of wedding planning and can be used to describe venue-only booking for other events.

Top Reasons to Choose a Dry Hire Wedding Venue

Now you know what a dry hire venue is, you need to know why you should consider one. Here are some top reasons.

1. They Can Reduce Wedding Costs

If you choose a dry hire venue, you can add your own stamp to it but you can bring in things you got from other and cheaper companies. Anyone trying to do a wedding on a budget or just shave off some of the expenditure should seriously think about a dry hire venue.

2. 100% Bespoke

Wedding venues that offer furnishings do give you different options. If you have fallen in love with the venue but are not overly excited about the furnishings, you are forced to make some compromises. This is never the case with a dry hire venue.

Booking a dry hire venue means you get to have the most personal wedding tailored to all your preferences and needs – with no exceptions.

3. Make Your Own Menu

Just like you may not like the colours, style or theme of the furnishing on offer at a wet hire venue, a dry hire venue also lets you make your own wedding menu exactly how you want. Of course, wet hire venues do give you options, but you have unlimited options if you bring in your own caterers!

Choose Perfectly Planned 4 You

A blank canvas wedding in a dry hire venue gives you the perfect opportunity to create your own unique wedding. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do the hard work alone. Choose to get help from Perfectly Planned 4 You just like many other couples. We make wedding planning simple!

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