URBAN Wedding Planner | New Wedding Trend Alert: COLOUR

If you’re scrolling through Pinterest looking for wedding inspiration but just aren’t feeling what you see (too much white, ivory, and subtle hues), you’re in luck because colour is on the up-and-up for 2019!

Anyone who knows me knows I love colour! I enjoy wearing colourful clothing because it either lifts my mood or expresses my mood. 2019 is all about colour—just look at how amazing a colourful wedding theme could be on your special day!

Natural Beauty

If you’re a little hesitant about using too much colour, go organic with greenery. Play around with different shades of green and various leaf shapes for added texture. Greenery is cheap and super versatile. It can stand alone as an accent colour, or you can add in almost any other colour if you feel like it’s not enough. Greenery is trendy right now—you will even find it painted on invitations or laced around a cake—but it also has a classic feel for couples who want an in-between.
bouquet of of roses
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Dark and Moody

Deep green, dark burgundy, and navy blue look striking against an ivory wedding dress. If bright, vibrant colours just aren’t for you, this may be a great option for adding in colour. This theme lends to formal, evening or bohemian weddings and has a very romantic feel. Light blush florals also pair well with this theme to keep it from looking too dark.
bride holding flower bouquet
Photo by Thomas AE / Unsplash

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones aren’t just for autumn and winter. If you love these colours as much as I do but are planning a spring wedding, play with lighter hues and pastels. Magenta paired with blush and tangerine has a bright, cheery feel. A jewel-toned palette works exceptionally well for mix-and-match bridesmaids’ dresses, too (which I love!).
multicolored bouquet flowers
Photo by Fernanda Soares / Unsplash


Metallic accents like copper, bronze or rose gold add “colour” but more importantly create a feel for you wedding. Use metallics to help you pull of an industrial (my favourite), modern or rustic theme. Materials can make all the difference.
bride dinnerware set on table
Photo by Annie Gray / Unsplash

Black and White

But I thought we were talking colour? We are! Black and white adds a fun base for more vibrant colours like poppy red, rosy pink, or elegant violet. Using black and white with brighter colours makes an even bolder statement! You can also play around with patterns, such as chunky black and white stripes or fun florals—it’s almost impossible to mess up this dynamic duo.
person standing near white floral textile
Photo by Gianni Scognamiglio / Unsplash

Something Blue

Make the classic blues trendier by pairing bold, cobalt blue with a rich berry, soft blush and deep green palette. These vibrant colours fit for royalty work well for almost any season! Cobalt also pairs well with any metallic coulor for added luster.
bride and groom hugging each other at parking space
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