Moved my Wedding from Summer to Winter. Do I need to Rethink Colours?

If you have made the decision to move your wedding date from summer to winter, then there are many aspects of your day that you may want to reconsider. Your outfit may need to have some adjustments so that you do not freeze, and your venue may need to add some warming touches to keep your guests comfortable but how does your colour palette fit in with these changes. Do you need to rethink your colours or can you stick to the ones you have already selected? Read through your options below.

1 – Change The Colours Completely

Don’t feel pressured to change your colour palette just to match the season! If you are inclined to change your colours completely then, you will need to speak to your suppliers to see if anything you have already ordered can be swapped for a new colour. Winter colours tend to be deeper and bolder than summer colours, and you should aim to add them in to accentuate the venue and theme of the day.

Your florist can guide you through your flower choices and replicate your original designs as much as possible within seasonal constraints.

If you do decide to change colours and you have already made lots of your plans, then there may be a cost implication that comes with this choice so you will need to ensure that you have the budget to cover any changes that need to be paid for.

2 – Stick To Your Choices

You may decide to stick to your colour choice completely because you absolutely love them or you cannot afford to make changes. This does not need to be an issue if you are willing to consider some other additions to the décor.

Consider candles that add a flickering light or tactile decorations that give a cosier feel. Whatever you do, remember this is your day and should look the way you want!

3 – Add Some Warming Hues

The option most people go for is to take what they have already planned and move the colour scheme up a notch by adding some complimentary, warming hues that will complement and accentuate what you have already chosen.

By adding in deeper colours, you will warm the palette and make it feel more wintery. Contact your florist to ask if this can be incorporated into your flowers, you may have to be a little flexible, but flowers are beautiful all year-round. Also, talk to your venue about candle colours, napkins and other aspects that can be added in.

No matter what your decision, you should opt for what suits your taste and budget the best. If you are worried about how to make the most of a winter wedding, then you can contact a wedding planner for advice and support. At Perfectly Planned 4 You, we offer full, partial, and even a month planning option to help you through the final stages of preparation. Contact us today ( to discuss your special day!

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