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We live our lives online now—bills, statements, emails and money transfers can all be done through the internet. Almost any service or communication you can imagine has online access. Why send a letter via snail mail when you can instantly text your friend overseas? Or better yet, you can FaceTime her! Despite all of the new technology and social media access, most couples still send out paper invitations because of their classic appeal and elegance. However, there are an equal number of benefits to breaking out of the norm and going digital. Here’s how they stack up:


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Save money

Websites like eVite, Paperless Post and Punchbowl ably lower price than paper invitations. If you’re having a small, intimate wedding or have other expenditures (like a dreamy honeymoon) higher up on your priority list, digital invitations may not be a bad way to go!

Easier to keep track of RSVPs

With digital invitations, the site keeps track of RSVP responses for you! No lost cards, nights spent counting or meticulous spreadsheets. Just hop online and check your count. Guests are also more likely to RSVP sooner since they can respond with the click of a button. You’re also able to send out reminders as the event gets closer (so no need to worry about the card getting lost underneath piles of mail).

Better for the environment

If you and your partner are passionate about environmental responsibility, set an example by choosing to go paperless, even for wedding invitations! What a statement!

On the other hand, we totally get the appeal of paper invitations:

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They are tried and true. There’s just something special about feeling the weight of the cardstock and seeing the elegant letterpress. It lets the receiver know that this is a special occasion. You also have the opportunity to show off your wedding theme and colors, and guests can refer back to it easily (sometimes emails get lost in the millions of others we receive on a daily basis).


Many friends and family love to display wedding invitations on their fridge (I still have a save-the-date up from over a year ago because I love the picture so much!). Paper invitations can easily be turned into mementos or used for scrap booking later on.

Does not exclude guests

Don’t forget that your great grandmother may not check her email often (or even have email at all). Of course, you can send one just for her or tell her in person, but there may be more people than you think who will appreciate the gorgeous invitations you mailed out. Even though I use email every day, I still get far more excited when I receive a letter in the mail!

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