London Wedding | 4 Biggest Wedding Guest Faux Pas

Times have changed, and now with social media, iPhones and selfie sticks, it’s harder to know what’s acceptable and what is not at weddings these days. Of course, most of the old big wedding guest mistakes still stand (like forgetting to RSVP, bringing kids despite the no-kid memo or showing up just as the bride walks down the aisle), but now there are a few new ones to add to the list. Before you peg millennials as the main culprits and skip over this post, you might be surprised that guests of all ages make these unintentional mistakes. So here goes!

Having your phone out during the ceremony

Some couples will put a sign out asking guests to unplug during the ceremony, but even if they don’t, you should anyway. Can you imagine if the bride and groom look out to their family and friends only to find them texting away? How embarrassing to hear a phone to ring (or even vibrate) during a quiet, intimate moment! Plus, as the bride and groom flip through their gorgeous wedding pictures, I’m sure they don’t want to see a bunch of hands with phones sticking out in the aisle—they hired a photographer to take those shots, not guests and their iPhones.
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Posting pictures on social media

Most couples today come up with a wedding hashtag for social media so they can see the fun candid shots their guests take. However, it’s always best to wait until the bride and groom have posted pictures or until they have given the go-ahead for their guests to share images of their big day. Some couples like to make the first big announcement themselves and then guests can follow suit.
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Change into casual attire for the reception

It’s getting a little harder to know what is appropriate to wear since you see a little bit of everything even at formal events (I guess we have celebrities to thank for that), but don’t arrive in formal attire and switch to shorts for the reception. That’s just not classy. If you know that the reception is supposed to be more laid back and casual, and the wedding party has set the style then you’re probably safe to do the same, but don’t be the only one sporting your flamingo shirt out on the dance floor.
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Bringing your gift to the wedding

First of all, make sure that you actually use the registry—it’s there for a reason. But once you’ve decided on your gift, it’s best to have it sent to the address on the registry. Carrying out sets of towels, pots and pans, and small appliances is a major buzzkill after a fun night of dancing and celebrating, but the newlyweds will be incredibly grateful when it arrives right on their doorstep!
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