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If you are anything like me, I find an excuse to throw an epic bash at any given moment. And my most epic? My New Year’s Eve party!! I wanted to put together a list of tips on how to throw an ultimate NYE party!

Tips on Throwing the Ultimate NYE Party

  • Pick your type of party that fits your personality. I always say “go big or go home!” But with that said, simple is ok. Something to consider: let the props come to YOU by planning a themed New Year’s party! You can do an 80’s styled party, a flapper party, all white or all black, etc. The options are limitless!
  • Pick your space. If you are having a party with 50 people, a 1-bedroom apartment that is 700 square feet probably will not be your best option. If you are renting a space, you should probably start looking now. Venues book weddings on New Year’s so you do not want to wait.
  • Start creating a Pinterest board for “must haves” and “regally wants.” This will help you organise what you really need from the items that would be nice to have but can be scratched if you fall out of your budget. You can also share those boards with me and I can take a peek and help guide you on what your next steps should be.
  • Food and beverages. What are you having? Is the style of your party going to allow for your friends and family to help contribute? If you are forking over the décor and venue, let your guests contribute somewhere else! When I am a guest, I always offer to bring something, so if someone does, do not shy away from the help!
  • Hype it up! Share on social media, talk about it frequently, get your guest’s opinions on what they think would be fun and exciting and plan accordingly. You want it to be a night everyone can remember, so make sure you are sending those invites, talking about it, and sharing your progress on the night.
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    Photo by Ian Schneider / Unsplash
    You may not know this, but this is something I would be thrilled to help with! I love New Years just about as much as I can imagine anyone does, and I would be honored to help you plan for an epic night that everyone can remember. Get in touch if you would like to start planning!!

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