How to Stay Inspired During a Pandemic and Continue Wedding Planning

If you were planning your big day when the pandemic struck, there’s no question that your ideas may have seemed to hit a dead end. Global restrictions and local lockdowns mean there are fewer options available than before.

However, although it’s more challenging than before, you don’t need to give up on planning your wedding. Here are a few ideas whether you’re just engaged or have been planning your wedding for a while.

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Early Stages of Planning

If you’re newly engaged, there is lots you can do virtually even if you’re subject to a total lockdown. As a couple you’ll have many decisions to make, such as whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or going all out with a huge London wedding.

Not being able to go out shouldn’t hamper you in the early stages as there’s lots of ways you can research online. Venues often post virtual tours so you can draw up a shortlist. You can also contact suppliers and ask for fabric or colour samples so you can choose your scheme.

Other early planning tasks include making a guest list, drawing up a budget, researching supplier costs and have fun on Pinterest.

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Middle Stages of Planning

At this point in the planning process, you’d usually be visiting suppliers so it can feel a little frustrating. However, you can still push forward with your plans so you’re ready to roll when the world opens up again.

Using a Trello board or other organiser, create a list of tasks to be done. This could include handwriting welcome letters to your wedding guests, creating a table plan, purchasing gifts for key members of your wedding party and shopping for accessories such as underwear, jewellery and shoes.

If you enjoy crafts, use this time to create whatever you need. From handmade bunting to favours, table centrepieces and invites, you’ll have the time to enjoy putting together a truly creative wedding!

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Your Wedding Plans are on Hold

If you were due to get married very shortly and you’ve had to postpone the date it can feel like a huge disappointment. Although it’s undoubtedly difficult, the best thing is just to keep focused on the future. Life won’t be like this forever and you WILL get your big day.

In the meantime, you can prepare for when the pandemic starts to subside and you can return to planning your wedding in earnest. You will have lots of suppliers that you had to cancel, so you’ll need to speak to each of them individually. Writing a list of the questions you will need to ask means you won’t forget anything when you’re ready to get started once more.

Although it’s not technically part of the planning, a nice idea is to celebrate on the day you were due to get married. Perhaps hold a virtual Zoom celebration with your family and friends and share a toast to the future!

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