How To Save On Your Wedding Without Sacrificing What You Want

It is a well-known fact that weddings can break the bank if you are not budget-focused from the go. However, no couple wants to scrimp on their special day, and so it is vital that you find ways to save money without compromising on what you want. Adding up all the necessities for a wedding can seem overwhelming but here are a few money saving ideas that we, at Perfectly Planned 4 You, love to use to ensure our clients stay within their budget:

Shop Around

When you start to pick out things for your wedding, it is easy to just buy them as you see them. However, shopping around will often mean that you can get exactly what you want for a much lower price. Spend time looking for deals and promotions, and you will soon have saved a fair amount of money that can be spent on other things! Wedding favours is an area, where prices can add up quickly.

Consider The Date

Getting married on a Friday or Sunday can save you money and be a great alternative to a Saturday wedding. If you are willing to compromise on the day of the week, you may find that you could benefit from a sizable discount. Decide what days work best for you and then contact venues to see if they offer discounts for weekday weddings.

Scope Out Dry Hire Venues

If you want to create a wedding from scratch, then a dry hire wedding may be a good idea. You get the venue shell and can then plan your wedding the way you want. This is often a cheaper option but will require some effort to source the food, drinks and decoration yourself. If you are still looking for a wedding venue, download our free venue ebook here.

Accept Help

Lots of couples are keen to be independent when it comes to planning a wedding, but if loved ones offer financial support, then you should consider taking them up on their offer. A wedding is a huge celebration of your relationship and if people that love you want to show their support by offering to help you out then you may offend them if you don’t take them up on their offer.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Many people think that hiring a wedding planning service will cost the earth, but in reality, a professional planner will be able to find you decent savings on everything you want to get. They will also be less emotional about each decision that needs to be taken and can help to keep you on budget as well as reducing the stresses and strains that planning a wedding can create.

It is clear that there are some great ways to save money without spoiling your special day and if you decide to move ahead with getting a wedding planning service, then send a quick hello to our inbox at As London wedding planners, Perfectly Planned 4 You work hard to create your perfect wedding and have many years’ experience in making dreams come true for couples.

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