How to Plan a Destination Wedding?

Let’s face it, there is a competition of who had the best wedding – even if it’s never discussed and the league table is only viewed mentally. To score points and compete for the title, you could do a lot of things. Bespoke designer dresses and a dazzling menu are just some of them.

A destination wedding is another. Sun-kissed wedding photos and the sound of the ocean as you tie the knot may seem like an unachievable goal, but it is possible. Here’s how to plan a destination wedding successfully.

In this picture the bride was walking through the forest on her wedding day and she was leaving, it was a Sunday afternoon when I called her and she looked back. It was a spontaneous moment that gave this wonderful image. I loved!
Photo by Gabriel Silvério / Unsplash

Do Some Meticulous Research

When you research a destination wedding there are a few more things to check other than wedding magazines and Skyscanner. You also need to consider weather and seasons. If you’re crossing hemispheres be aware that summer often means wet and may not be what you have in mind.

If you can, you should also visit the destination as one of your annual holidays so you can check out venues and resorts in the flesh beforehand.

Prepare for Small and Intimate!

One of the few problems with a destination wedding is that you may price out some of the people and family you are close with. You may even want to check they will make it before planning your overseas wedding.

For most couples, a destination wedding means a smaller wedding. If you are okay with this keep planning, but if this is a sticking point, maybe reconsider your vision.

A summer wedding in Italy, newlywed couple bride and groom with bridesmaid
Photo by Anna Auza / Unsplash

Make It Count

Unless you want to pay for two weddings, you also need to consider the legality of your abroad wedding. Some weddings may not be recognised abroad, and you need to think about this before settling on a country.

Learn the Culture

There are many reasons to understand the culture of the country you plan to get wed in. One of them is to get ideas for the wedding meal. What you may have had on the menu in the UK may not be possible in your wedding destination. Acquire some local knowledge and try and get a taste for these dishes beforehand.

More Top Tips for Your Destination Wedding

That covers the fundamentals of planning a destination wedding but here are some bonus tips to make sure things go to plan:

• Pack your dress in your hand luggage just in case your checked-in luggage goes missing
• Book return flights in your maiden name (your passport hasn’t changed yet!)
• Get Insurance
• Aim to arrive more than one day before the event in case of travel disruption
• Save money on flights by having your honeymoon in the same country

Get Help with Your Abroad Wedding

Perfectly Planned 4 You are a London-based wedding planning team and have already helped couples achieve the most idyllic, beautiful and breathtaking destination weddings. Speak to us and learn about our services to find out more.

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