How to Have a Stylish Halloween Wedding

Happy Halloween!!! For many of us, Halloween is one of our favourite holidays of the year. Not only can be let our spooky side out, dressing our homes in wild and scary decorations, this is also a time you get to dress as something you’ve always wanted to be.

Yet, when it comes to a Halloween wedding, many of struggle to envision a day that embodies everything we love about our favourite spooky holiday, but without it feeling cliched or silly. Well, worry not, as if you’d like a Halloween theme for your 2020 wedding, here are some stylish ways to add a gothic touch to your big day:

Pumpkin Centrepieces

There’s very little that screams Halloween more than pumpkins, which makes them an ideal touch for your Halloween wedding. Now, while carving scary faces into pumpkin centrepieces might seem a little cliché, there are lots of ways you can use your pumpkins in a stylish and creative way.
One of our favourite ways to add pumpkins as centrepieces to your wedding tables, is by painting pumpkins white and adding some bold black calligraphy. Even something as simple as a table number will give your tables impact. You can even choose to use pumpkins of varying sizes on your table to add a little depth.

Dramatic Table Settings

To obtain that opulent and gothic feel of Halloween, all while still staying stylish, you need a table setting that packs a punch. Here switch out your silver cutlery for gold matched with black napkins. Then for table covers, your white is still a classic, just can add drama by adding black table runners that will catch the eye. Other popular Halloween colours include oranges, deep greens and ruby reds, however, don’t be tempted to through all these colours at your wedding décor. Instead pick one and match in with black, which will always look classy.
If your chairs come with covers, you might want to add black tulle ribbons as well.

Trick or Treat Sweet Station

Sweet tables are nothing new to wedding planning, however, a simple sweet station is one of guests favourite things to see at wedding party. Not only will sweets keep any children present happy, a sweet table is something that the adults adore too – especially after a few cocktails!
To make yours Halloween themed – without crossing the line to clichéd – a simple table with a black tablecloth will look stylish. Then, for the actual sweets, using old-fashioned apothecary type jars will make your table look gothic and impactful. Then simply fill them with all your favourite sweet treats, providing little black bags or boxes for your guests to fill. You can even have some toffee apples for a true Halloween touch.

Dark Florals

Florals are a wonderful way for you to add autumn glamour to a wedding. Here you can ask your florist for all the best dark and dramatic blooms in season, with blood red roses, dark calla lilies and silver florals being our favourites. For the most impact, a large bouquet will look spectacular in your wedding photographs – particularly against the autumnal colours and frosty days of October.

Alternative Wedding Party Outfits

When you say Halloween wedding, it’s likely that your guests will instantly ask about you coming down the aisle dressed as the Corpse Bride. For a stylish Halloween wedding, though, it’s likely that fancy dress is far from your wedding planning wishes. So, how then can you add a little gothic glamour to the wedding party?

Well, for the men, top hats and tails might seem more Disney, however, this classic wedding outfit is also perfect for your Halloween theme. Just add accents of colour like blood red or gold through ties and waistcoats and add final touches like a dark red rose buttonhole.

For bridal outfits, you can still have that classic white wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of. If you want something a little more ‘Halloweeny’ here, you can add some black touches such as black lacing or tulle additions. The, just top it off with dramatic make-up and your gorgeous bouquet.

Another wonderful way to make your wedding party fit your theme is with black bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Not only will your bridesmaids adore how good they look in flattering black, there will be nothing cuter than a flower girl in black tulle dress. You could even use some hollowed-out pumpkins for them to carry their flower petals in.

Are you considering a Halloween wedding for 2020, but you’ve no idea where to start? By getting in touch with us today, we can help you plan a day that will be both alternative and so stylish that all your friends will have wished they’d had a Halloween theme too!

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