How to Find your Perfect Wedding Supplier Team

Now that you have both said YES, you are probably excited to start planning the wedding of your dreams. But now, with online and social media marketing, it’s hard to choose from the infinite number of wedding suppliers. You are looking for outstanding service and superior expertise on your big day, but knowing who to trust can be a little tricky.

To find the most dependable and professional suppliers in your area, try expanding your search methods:


1. Go to Wedding Fairs

Most wedding fairs will only showcase reputable exhibitors who provide top-notch service. Attending wedding fairs will allow you to walk around, chat with vendors, and view their displays to find a style that fits you. This one-on-one interaction will provide an initial impression of the vendor. Personal meetings always trump basic online searches.


2. Ask Your Planner

It is my job to recommend outstanding suppliers who are in-keeping with your style and budget. When it comes to design elements like your flowers, stationery and tableware, I can help you come up with ideas and communicate exactly what you want to your suppliers. It’s all too easy to waste time and money because the brief was wrong or incomplete.


3. Ask Other Couples or Previous Clients

If you have a few suppliers in mind, reach out to former clients of theirs to get their input. Remember to ask about their overall satisfaction with the supplier, and take some of the minor complaints with a grain of salt. You will want to get input on any negative experiences, but more importantly, be sure to ask what they loved about the supplier to gain perspective on their level of expertise.

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4. Visit Supplier’s Websites, Portfolios & Reviews

Do your online research by checking out their website, project portfolios, and customer reviews (don’t pay too much attention to isolated, inconsistent negative reviews). Is their website professional? Are they easy to contact? Do they seem dependable? Do you like what you see? If yes, move forward by contacting them.


5. Interview & Determine Compatibility

Once you have a couple suppliers narrowed down, connect with them and set up an appointment. In-person meetings are the best way to determine your compatibility. If you fall into easy conversation and feel like they listen to your vision and offer good options that match what you’re looking for, go ahead and take the next step!

Happy planning!

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