How can we make the Wedding Industry more Diverse?

Last week, I spoke to Melissa of The Un-Wedding about the lack of diversity in the wedding industry, challenges I have faced and what we all can do to make the industry more diverse.

As a black woman, it’s hard to ignore the lack of resources available to black brides that showcase the wedding traditions and looks that are important to us. London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world and I feel extremely lucky to live here. But it still bothers me that people are not able to get easy access to the essential information they need. It’s shocking to hear in 2018, there is still the general lack of understanding about the difference of black hair and makeup, brides are still struggling to find experienced artists to work with.

At Perfectly Planned 4 you, we love to plan modern weddings where culture and heritage combine, on our website and all over our social media you will see our vibrant and diverse weddings and styled shoots. I think wedding suppliers can also play a part in making the industry more inclusive. Representation matters and suppliers need to be more conscious of this when they are posting on Instagram, creating a new Pinterest board or looking for models for their next styled shoot.

I encourage black couples to share their wedding, encourage their photographer to submit their weddings to blogs and magazines.

We are living in exciting times, ‘Millennials’ are more willing to push back on traditions and express their individuality. Social media has strong growth and huge potential – it’s a great tool in helping modern couples to push away old fashioned boundaries, which in turn is forcing, magazines and blogs to catch up.

Full interview over on The Un-Wedding

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