Full service wedding planner, partial planner, month-of coordinator and venue coordinator, explained…

One of the important conversations I try to have with any potential client is educating them on the differences between a full service wedding planner, a partial wedding planner, a coordinator, and a venue coordinator

Every planner offers different packages, runs their business operations in a way that best fits their organisation and clients, and might have slightly different roles for each of the planning services I’m about to discuss.

Here are the most common services you’ll find when searching for wedding planning assistance.

Full-Service Wedding Planner

A full service planner will be there from the very beginning, typically right after engagement and will remain contracted until the last thank you notes are sent out after the wedding day. Most of the time when a couple needs or wants help planning and executing the entirety of their wedding, a full- service wedding planner is a great first place to start.

At Perfectly Planned 4 You, we offer full service planning assistance to our couples.
Ideal for couples busy enjoying life, rather than researching suppliers and stressing over all of the details. We can assist you in planning your wedding every step of the way! We help direct you by focusing on your style, needs and what you would like to invest. We complete your wedding adventure with day of coordination to make sure the day goes perfect.

Partial Planner

A partial planner is usually hired to come on board and help with the planning process much closer to the wedding day once a couple has done a lot of the leg work planning their wedding already. A couple reasons a couple may choose a partial planner over a full service planner include budget restrictions.

You might find that some planning companies don’t offer a partial-planning package, but do state that they customise packages based on your needs (which is ultimately a partial planning package customised for you) Partial planning packages can also be priced in a few ways.

At Perfectly Planned 4 You, our partial planning package is between our full service package and our month of coordination service. In our Partial Planner package, we’ll be your side cheering you on, available to assist you with any planning tasks you may have. We are experienced with suppliers, so we can provide guidance in who to contact based on your needs and tastes. And of course, we’ll be by your side to coordinate all of the details and execute plans for your entire wedding day – no time limits. Think of it as hiring a wedding coach.

Month-Of Coordinator

You’ve been dreaming of this day for years. You even have multiple wedding Pinterest boards set up…for each season of the year. You’re organised, and you already have a vision ready that just needs executing. For the Venue Coordinator package, you get to do all of the imagining, designing, and planning – we’re just here to make sure that your dream is fulfilled flawlessly. With this service, our primary job is to give you peace of mind that everything is in place on your wedding day. You give us the rundown, and we make it happen! This has no set hours – we’ll be the first to arrive & the last to leave to make sure your day is magical (and stress free)!

Venue Coordinator

A venue coordinator is NOT the same as a full or partial service wedding planner. And a venue coordinator is also very different than a month of or ‘day of’ coordinator. While many venue coordinators or managers differ in their level of involvement and attention with each wedding, as a general rule, if there’s anything you take away from this post it’s that. Your venue coordinator(s) or point of contact is NOT a wedding planner even if they have wedding planning experience.

The main difference that I see in a month-of versus venue coordinator is that month-of coordinators work for YOU, and venue coordinators work for the VENUE where you choose to celebrate your wedding day.

I want to emphasise that a great venue coordinator is a wonderful asset. Some of my favorite weddings and least stressful events have been ones where a wonderful, helpful and accommodating venue coordinator and team has worked WITH my team to make the one common goal come to life; and that’s ensuring our couples have a day that exceeds all expectations.

My advice to couples who tell me (or think) that they do not need a planner or coordinator because they have a venue coordinator is to be very clear on what your venue coordinator will and WILL NOT do.

I hope this post has helped you decide on the type of assistance you need while planning your wedding.

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