ANSWERS to your FAQs from Brook Farm Wedding Showcase

Hello, last weekend we were super happy to host and exhibit at Brook Farm’s wedding showcase, and we loved it! It was so nice being back talking all things weddings with couples face to face. Over the weekend we were asked the same sort of question from the couples we met. So we wrote this blog post to answer your FAQ.

1. What is a wedding planner, and do I need one for my marquee/ tipi wedding?

Wedding planners are all about the logistics, from supplier referrals and contract negotiation to day-of execution of your visions. I will be your one point of contact for every aspect of your wedding. Hiring us frees up a huge amount of your time. This is time that would be spent researching, interviewing, vetting, selecting, co-ordinating and following up with wedding suppliers to ensure they stick to delivery timelines. We can save you from having to research how to avoid expensive mistakes.

An outdoor wedding (as with any wedding!) takes a lot of planning. Your wedding planner can carry out the research and legwork for you, to help you narrow down your marquee options, book appointments for you and show you only those things that are most suited to your tastes and budget.

You can employ the help of a Wedding Planner that can offer on the day management. Although it is called on the day, realistically you will want them there one or two days before your outdoor wedding, this way they can be the ones to communicate with suppliers, be there for your structure setup. Most on-the-day coordinators will take over a few weeks prior to your big day.

2. How do I know if an outdoor wedding is right for me?

A marquee/ tipi is right for your day if:

  • You have a special place in your life and want to get married there.
  • You want a venue that can be completely tailored to your wishes and style.
  • You would love to become involved in all aspects of venue theming and design, furniture options – all choices not necessarily available at a venue.
  • You want to have the flexibility to change the size of your function space as your plans evolve.

3. What if it rains on my wedding day?

There are many things that can be planned to perfection but unfortunately, the weather isn’t one of them. Especially in the UK, it can be unpredictable and even if you have planned a beautiful outdoor wedding, mother nature may have different plans for you. As a result, you could have a rainy wedding day.

My top tip: Check the weather a week before your wedding day and keep an eye on it. Now is the time to make any necessary changes for example if you have planned for your ceremony to be outdoors, organise to have some extra cover or seek an alternative area.

I always have a ‘wet wedding plan’ for my couples.

Photo by Victoria Priessnitz / Unsplash

4. Can you customise wedding decor for a marquee/ tipi wedding?

Marquees/ tipis can be decorated in any way, as everybody has their own style and that’s the beauty of them. One of the reasons that they are so popular is that you can do as little or as much as you like to them.

5. My outdoor venue has a coordinator, do I need a wedding planner?

Your venue coordinator essentially works for the venue. He or she is there to be the point of contact between the bride and the venue staff. They are there to make sure that basic venue facilities, as agreed upon explicitly and contractually, are available to you and your guests. Your venue coordinator is there to protect the interests of the venue and honor your contact.

As your planner I work for you, and am there solely to ensure that you have a perfect day from start to finish and it’s exactly as you’d envisaged. We can help you source suppliers right down to creating the design concept, planning the schedule of the day and making sure every last detail is in place. We therefore know the ins and outs of your wedding day to the same level of detail (and sometimes more) as you, so we are best equipped to manage your outdoor wedding

6. I haven’t found a location for my wedding yet, isn’t it too early to get a wedding planner?

Our full planning service assists with your entire planning process (including venue selection). Choosing the right outdoor space is the most time consuming part of your wedding planning and we can help! We will produce a short list of suitable options for you to choose from, before arranging viewings, which we will be happy to attend with you. When you have selected your perfect venue, we will assist you with negotiating any final details with your chosen venue, and reviewing the final quotation to ensure you receive the very best deal.

7. We have a massive space, can you help with creating floor plans?

Yes I can definetly help you with this! Always remember when planning a wedding you will want more in the marquee/tipis than just enough seating for your guests. For example, you will want space for your dance floor, as well as a band/DJ, bar, cake table, guest book and all of the pretty detail that comes with a wedding. So when requesting quotations, remember to outline what you would like in the space as well as your guest numbers. This will help to give you a better idea of what space would work best for you.

Full Moon a risin'
Photo by Stan Scott / Unsplash

8. Aren’t wedding planners expensive?

No! Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are different service options we offer, which come with different prices. We can save you money through professional discounts, and our expertise may help you avoid expensive mistakes. We have a planning package for just £100!

9. I’m getting married in 3 months can you still help?

Yes yes yes! Hiring us as your on-the-day coordinator will help to alleviate a lot of the stress associated with the final weeks of planning as well as reducing the pressure often associated with outdoor weddings. You should be able to enjoy your special day, not worrying about planned details and execution on the day of your wedding! We can step in the month before to ensure everything is finalised and ready to go for your big day.

10. Will you be there on my wedding day?

Of course, we want to see you through it all and make sure the day you’ve worked on goes perfectly. Unlike many other wedding planning companies, we don’t leave until your last guest does, that means we stay until the very end. We want you to end the best night of your life on a high note. We don’t want you cleaning up, schlepping boxes and gifts or generally having to worry about anything at all. We double check everything with your venue and rented items, ensuring you get back your full deposits.

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