10 Must-Haves for a Summer Wedding

If you’re a Londoner, you know how temperamental London’s weather is, but glorious summertime has finally arrived (let’s pray it’s here to stay)! As London wedding planners, we specialise in preparing for all types of special occasions, especially during the peak of wedding season. We are experts at making sure your outdoor wedding shines (or stays dry, in the event of rain).

Here are 10 must-haves for your outdoor summer wedding:

1. Festive Hydration

It can get pretty toasty out there, and you don’t want your guests passing out from dehydration on you! If you’re serving alcohol, don’t forget to provide plenty of water among other summertime drinks like fruit-infused water, flavoured teas or sparkling punch.

Photo by Belle Hunt / Unsplash

2. Built-In Fans

Place your wedding programs on wooden sticks for a creative way to keep guests cool during the ceremony and reception.

3. Shade

Have the ceremony under a beautiful tree, pergola or veranda awning. Provide guests with colourful umbrellas (super cute in photos) or festive sunshades as party favours.

Photo by Minh Tan (mtSiniChi) / Unsplash

4. Refreshing Treats

If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, don’t opt for a heavy meal. Instead, incorporate fresh fruit and light fare. A popsicle stand or ice cream bar are fun alternatives for dessert.

5. Access to Air Conditioning or Cool Areas

Make sure the facilities are easily accessible, and stock them with things like hair ties, refreshing face mist, body spray/wipes, etc for guests to cool off and freshen up.

6. Lawn Games

Instead of having guests stand in the heat while you take photos, have a few lawn games out like life-sized Jenga, Connect Four, Ring Toss, or Giant Checkers!

Wedding Confetti in bags Mr & Mrs
Photo by Photos by Lanty / Unsplash

7. Summer-Themed Accents

Make it feel like summer by having s’more treats, twinkling string lights, and sparklers for the send off.

Photo by Alex Holt / Unsplash

8. A Sandal Basket

It’s hard to dance the night away in heels. Put various sizes of foam flip flops in a basket for guests who want to treat their feet during the reception.

9. Choose Flowers that Hold Up in the Heat

Talk to your florist about heat-resistant blooms that won’t wilt in high temps. As a rule of thumb, hydrangeas will wither in heat, while tropical blooms like calla lilies, orchids, or fluffy flowers like garden roses or sunflowers can handle warmer weather.

10. Water Bottles

Guests probably won’t want to carry around glasses all night. Offer personalised water bottles and can coolers to quench your guests’ thirst while they’re out on the dance floor, they make cool favours too.

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