10 Challenging Wedding Tasks You Should Do Early On

When it comes to planning your big day, you can expect to have many decisions that you need to take! Check out the ten challenging tasks you need to do early on so that you can focus on making your wedding exactly what you have always dreamed of.

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1 – Tell Everyone About The Proposal

This may sound like fun but calling all your loved ones to share the big news will get very boring after the first few phone calls! You need to be prepared to recount the proposal story to everyone you speak to as well as answering the same questions again and again! Try to remember that all these people are excited for you and will be happy to share in your news.

2 – Talk Money

No one will blame you for wanting to plan the most stylish wedding the world has ever seen, but before you get carried away, it is important to figure out your budget. Planning all your costs and sticking to them will save you from starting married life in a lot of debt.

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3 – Set Your Date

This decision may be exciting, but when you start to factor in all the dates you cannot get married, it begins to get a bit duller! You will also need to consider how long you want to be engaged for and how much notice everyone will need so that they are all free to celebrate your exciting day with you. Take some time to decide this, speak to everyone that must be there and then be glad that it is one less decision before your big day!

4 – Pick Your Guests

So many people avoid making their guest list so that they can avoid the stress that comes with it. Try deciding it early on and then you will know who you are planning for instead. Before you start putting names on paper, first decide how big you want your wedding, then make a list of non-negotiable guests before adding in the rest afterwards.

5 – Decide Your Theme

When it comes to planning your day, you will need to decide your theme before you can start doing anything else. If you struggle with putting things together cohesively, then it may be a good idea to look for a creative wedding planning service that can help you out!

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6 – Pick Your Ceremony

Deciding if you want a religious or civil ceremony is a very personal choice and needs to be made early on before you can move forward with any other plans. Then you need to decide where you want the ceremony to take place as all the other decisions will need to factor around this one.

7 – Choose Your Suppliers

Choosing your wedding suppliers is more than simply engaging with those who have the best Instagram photos, it is crucial to connect with them on a personal level to bring your dream to life. Enquire with multiple suppliers to ensure you get fast responses and you are able to make a clear comparison between the suppliers in each category.

8 – Decide Who You Want In Your Wedding Party

Asking people to be bridesmaids and groomsmen is great fun but deciding who they will be is more difficult. This decision is totally up to you and should be made by selecting those people you want to help you through the day not based upon pressure or expectations. Choose wisely as this could make or break your wedding.

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9 – Share The Load

If you are lucky enough to have lots of people who want to be involved in your day, then it is worth deciding what tasks you are happy to part with. This can be incredibly stressful if you are not good at sharing, but it is important to make sure everyone who is important to you and your partner is included in some way.

10 – Choose Outfits for the Wedding Party

Unless you are lucky enough to have all your wedding party local, then you will probably find that you end up trying to work out sizes and fittings all over the place. Plus, you have the added pressure of picking clothes that everyone will like and that will fit with your theme.

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It is clear that not all wedding decisions are as fun as others but taking these decisions in good time will help your day to go more smoothly. Perfectly Planned 4 You is a London wedding planner here to help you plan your big day. Contact us today if you want some help with all these tasks as many more.

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