What to Wear to a Winter Wedding: 2020 EDITION

Winter weddings are finally here! The number of couples planning a winter wedding is rising. While everyone knows how to dress for a spring and summer wedding, knowing what to wear for a winter wedding is tricky. How can you stay warm in a chilly church without roasting on the dancefloor? Is it possible to navigate icy paths with your favourite heels, or will you have to wear flats? If you’re tearing your hair out trying to pull together the perfect winter wedding outfit, then keep reading.

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Don’t assume you can throw a coat over your favourite summer wedding outfit and be fine. Heating in churches can be patchy. Choose a seat on the aisle where you can see the action, and you may find yourself an icicle by the end of the service, but sitting by a clunky church radiator may leave you red-faced and sweaty by the time they get to “I do”.

Consider a dress with sheer or mesh sleeves, so you feel a little sexy without freezing or boiling. If you can’t face the idea of tights, but you don’t want to display your winter legs, a maxi dress or skirt is the way forward. ASOS has a brilliant array of dresses for wedding guests, or try a bodysuit and full skirt for a stylish look that is on trend yet appropriate. Another good choice is a strapless jumpsuit. Top it with a smart jacket for the ceremony and show off your shoulders and decolletage for the evening bash.


Thankfully, skinny stilettos are out and chunky heels are in, so you are a lot less likely to go skidding and slipping your way down the pavement. If you really can’t give up your heels then wear something lower and more sensible while you are walking around outside and keep your party shoes for the wedding reception.

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Hair and Makeup

What winter lacks in daylight it makes up for with shimmer! Whereas smokey eyes, bold lips and glitter look a bit drag-queen in summer, they look sensationally dramatic in winter when you can get away with stronger colours. A swoop of glittery eyeliner is the perfect finish to a glamorous look, but if you’re not confident with your eyeliner ability try a shimmery highlighter and some glitter nail polish.

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It’s worth having your hair styled for a winter wedding. The change in temperature and humidity from outside to indoors can quickly turn your home blow dry into rats tails. If you don’t have the time to see a hairdresser, a sleek ponytail or chignon will hold its shape all day, or try loose waves which can be finger styled back into place if they get windswept.

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Men’s Wedding Fashion

Put summer’s light blue suit back in the wardrobe and opt for a sophisticated charcoal which can be dressed up or down to suit the type of wedding. Leave your tie off or even wear a t-shirt for a casual wedding, or pair with a pristine white shirt for night. You can get away with light grey and plaid for day time but stick to solid grey or navy for an evening event.

TIP: Naturally, the style of wedding ceremony you’re invited to can dictate your look. Finding the right accessories is the best way to elevate your outfit for the evening.

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