The Cheapest and Most Expensive places to get Married in the World

As destination wedding planners based in London, we are often asked, ‘is it cheaper to get married abroad than in the UK?’ Destination Weddings are becoming more popular with the Daily Mail reporting that 1 in 4 couples now opt for a destination wedding. Our research shows that you can reduce the cost of your wedding by 54% by choosing to get married abroad – that’s an average saving of £10,649!

A report by SN Travel has revealed the cheapest and most expensive places to get married in the UK and around the world and we have the results below.

EXTRAS: the average cost of the wedding dress, grooms suit, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits, rings, wedding cake and stationery at £9,500.

Facts About The Costs Of Getting Married Around the World

  1. The most expensive places to get married in the UK are not so surprising with Greater London and the City of London being at the top of the list, this is then closely followed by Somerset. Getting married in these destinations cost between £20,201and £23,806.
  2. You can reduce the cost of your wedding by up to 46% by getting married outside London.
  3. France is the most expensive destination to get married. Couples can expect to pay on average £26,059 to get married in this popular European destination. This is 209% higher than the cost of getting married in Mauritius.
  4. The cost of hiring a photographer was cheapest in Sri Lanka at £480 whereas hiring a photographer for the same wedding in Italy would cost more than 4 x this cost.
  5. The cost of flowers in the most expensive county (Italy) were 10 x more expensive than the cheapest destination which was Fiji.
  6. A Caribbean wedding can actually shave £9521 off the total cost of a wedding.
  7. Mauritius has been named the cheapest wedding destination in the world. Rock-bottom venue prices, which average at £511, reasonable photography rates and bargain band prices mean Mauritius is over £10,000 cheaper than a UK wedding.

IMPORTANT! For the purpose of this research SN Travel compared everything like for like so the costs of flights and accommodation are not included.

We hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions on destination weddings! We are always here to help.

All statistics in this blog has come from report by SN Travel

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