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The 2024 Update: The Cheapest and Most Expensive places to get Married in the World

As destination wedding planners based in London, we are often asked, ‘is it cheaper to get married abroad than in the UK?’ Destination Weddings are becoming more popular, with 25% of couples in the UK choose to get married overseas. The top destination wedding locations are: the Maldives, Seychelles, Las Vega, Italy and Antigua.

So, why do couples get married abroad?

  • £7,500 is the average spend on a destination wedding in the U.K. Whereas, the average spend on a traditional wedding is £27,161.
  • 86 is the average number of guests at a destination wedding. Whereas, the average number of guests at a traditional wedding is 141.
  • 90% of couples say that climate was the number one reason for choosing a destination.
  • 6.6% wanted to cut costs.
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In 2019, we wrote a blog post featuring insights from SN Travel’s ‘The Cost of a Wedding Around the World’ report, accompanied by a user-friendly map. With destination weddings gaining momentum in popularity, we’re thrilled to present our maps showcasing the Cheapest and Most Expensive places to get Married in the World for both 2019 and 2024. We hope you find them informative and inspiring as you embark on your journey to plan your destination wedding.



These figures incorporate the price of hiring a venue, photographer, videographer, DJ/Band, Florist, Officiant, Hair & Makeup. This report calculated the average cost of the wedding dress, grooms suit, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits, rings, wedding cake and stationery at £9,500 (£11,721 in 2024). This would be the same worldwide as you, assumably, would source these items beforehand and take all of them with you to your chosen destination. Costs of flights and accommodation are not included.

As we conclude our exploration of the cheapest and most expensive places to get married in 2024, one thing remains abundantly clear: the world is brimming with captivating destinations that offer something for every couple’s vision and budget. Whether you’re envisioning a budget-friendly beachfront affair or a lavish celebration in a cosmopolitan city, the possibilities are endless. From the sun-kissed shores of Thailand to the timeless romance of Paris, each destination offers its own unique charm and allure, promising to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

We hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions on destination weddings! We are always here to help.

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