To those of you new to my blog, I'll share a secret with you. I am addicted to fashion! What’s the best type of fashion in my opinion? Bridal! Of course. New York Fashion Week took place just last month and we are still reeling at the new trends in store for 2019. Here are a few of our favourites that will be rocking the wedding aisles in the next year:

2019 Wedding Gown Trends

* Sheer

Long gone are the days of the heavy satin gowns and bulky materials. They have given way to an entirely fresh trend and we are loving it. Embellished with lace and additional adornments, this style can be both sexy and romantic. For those looking to incorporate sheer elements while maintaining a more modest approach. Fear not! Illusion plunging necklines and sheer backs, or sleeves can be incorporated into your gown without exposing too much skin.



* Daring colours

We’ve all seen the blush and dusty rose-coloured gowns that have graced Pinterest these last few years. But that’s not what we mean when we say “colour”. We mean colour! We’ve seen stunning dresses in robin’s egg blue, lavender, mauve and even crimson! These non-traditional options are sure to spark a conversation!



* Off the Shoulder

While this is not a new trend, it is making its resurgence in wedding culture! This gorgeous design allows a woman’s most feminine feature, her neckline, to be showcased full center-stage. An often-flattering cut, this design whispers dreamy romance.



* Shimmer

Looking for a touch of glamour when it comes to your wedding dress? Look no further than a glowing gown, sure to dazzle your guests like only a bride can!



Regardless of the cut, colour, or design of your perfect dress, it’s bound to be stunning with one specific accessory. You! Confidence is the most important aspect of a wedding gown, so whatever you choose…make sure you love it!
Headover to our NYBFW 2019 Pinterest board for more inspo.

six women's white dresses hanging on hangers
Photo by Charisse Kenion / Unsplash