7 Intimate Wedding Trends for 2022

Whether you’re just engaged and starting to think about your wedding or are a bit further along in the wedding planning process, then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure which themes to go with for your big day. With so much choice out there when it comes to wedding planning, it’s easy to get carried away – even if what you’re planning on is a more intimate wedding.

So, to help you take some of the stress out of the process and give you a boost of inspiration in the planning stage, we’ve compiled 7 of the top intimate wedding trends for 2022.

Smaller Guest Lists
Over the past couple of years, anyone getting married was forced to cut back on the numbers due to restrictions being imposed on events and social gatherings.

Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, this trend for smaller weddings has stayed as people have realised that huge, elaborate weddings full of great aunts and uncles they’ve never met are just not necessary and they want to enjoy a relaxed, memorable day with just those closest to them.

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Getting Married At Home
Although a great cost-saver, having a wedding at your family home could also be a very special thing. One of the great things about more intimate wedding ceremonies is that they offer much more in the way of flexibility in terms of location.

You can have full control over the space, and if you have a large garden it can be easily transformed into a wonderful place to tie the knot. In summer you can let the nature speak for itself, but for winter weddings you may want to consider using a marquee.

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Restaurant Receptions
Another thing that’s becoming more popular for those who are opting for smaller weddings is booking a favourite restaurant for their reception instead of hiring a huge venue that caters for hundreds of people. Enjoying a nice meal in your favourite place, surrounded by those who matter most to you is what an intimate wedding should be.

You can still have control over the menu, working with the chefs to create your ideal reception meal, and you don’t have large costs hiring somewhere and factoring the catering into that plan too.

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Location Weddings With A Twist
Getting married abroad or in a location that’s not near you or your partner’s home isn’t something that’s only reserved for those having bigger weddings. In fact, it’s becoming more popular for couples planning intimate weddings to book a villa or even an Airbnb, bring their closest friends and family and just tie the knot when there.

Even with travel and booking accommodation for everyone, it still typically works out cheaper than a big wedding in the UK, plus everyone gets a nice holiday and makes the whole weekend or week about the special couple. What’s more, you and your partner can stay for an extra week without the added cost of jetting somewhere else on a honeymoon.

Handmade Invitations
Making your own invitations is not only a great way to keep costs down, but it’s fun and will make a personal keepsake for your guests. With more and more people now opting for a low-key, intimate wedding, handmade invitations are one trend that will likely be around for quite some time.

It lets those close to you know you’ve put time and effort into their invitation and is a fun activity you can share with your partner as you both get excited about the big day.

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Being Eco-Conscious
More people than ever before are concerned about the impact of things like single use plastic and other forms of waste on the environment and are trying to do their part in being as eco-conscious as possible. Planning an intimate wedding is a great way to do this, as you can opt for making your own decorations or buying things second hand.

Getting Others Involved
When planning a smaller wedding, it’s much easier to enlist the help of your guests to keep costs down and make everyone feel included. You can ask people to bring a dish for people to eat or call-in favours such as decorations or even music.

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Now that you’ve got the rundown of the latest intimate wedding trends, if you’re looking for help planning yours, please check out our sister company ‘The Intimate Collection’. We’d love to consult you on your wedding day.

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