2022 Guide To The Hottest Summer Wedding Colours

The colour theme you choose for your wedding is a very personal choice but is also determined by certain factors like where you’re getting married – for example, on a beach or in a forest. Then you have to think about the colours you like and what other colours compliment your main one.

So, to help you with this and make choosing your wedding colours when planning your wedding, we’ve given you a breakdown of some of the hottest summer wedding colours expected to be making an appearance in 2022.

Soft Pink + Sage Green

This colour combination looks perfect together and create a light, feminine and fresh look that would be welcome at any summer wedding. If you’re someone who loves nature, then addition of the sage green will really create the sense of the outdoors as you can add in plants and flowers to highlight the softness of the blush pink.

Mauve + Grey

A classic colour pairing that really work well together no matter the location of your wedding. The softness of the mauve and the coolness of the grey bring about a look of elegance that will never go out of style.

Light Blue + White

Some colours are simply classics that will never go out of style, and this is exactly what you get with this next pairing. Soft light blue is paired with a crisp and clean white to create a classic, elegant and timeless look that will look stunning at any wedding no matter the size, setting or location.

Coral + Grey

Grey is making an appearance again, though this time paired with the boldness of coral. A stunning combination that would fit right in place at a summer wedding – especially when there’s any element of an outdoor setting involved.

White + Greenery

The natural white and greenery color palette has become popular since the growing popularity of organic weddings. We love the simplicity, the romance, and softness of the combination of white and greenery. Organic white weddings are popular for any season, and they look beautiful with any greenery you prefer.


If you love bold and bright colours, nothing says summer like sunny yellows and playful pinks. Vibrant colours will fit right in at any summer wedding that’s full of fun, joy and friends coming together to celebrate.

Don’t be afraid to play around with your own colour combinations and get creative. After all, trends have to start somewhere. If you need some professional advice, get in touch with us today and ensure your summer wedding is the special day you dream it will be.

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